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The future of food in vancouver

Building a resilient and thriving food ecosystem in BC is all about collaboration!

About Us

The Lazy Gourmet and Commissary Connect have joined forces to create The Commissary Gourmet, a commissary kitchen and business accelerator for local entrepreneurs ready to scale their food and catering businesses.

The Commissary Gourmet is located in the heart of Kitsilano at 1605 West 5th Avenue (The Lazy Gourmet) in Vancouver. Bright and spacious, this iconic site features everything you would expect out of a first-class kitchen connected to the Commissary Connect network. This includes:

  • Pay-Per-Use Billing

  • Reliable Scheduling

  • Food Cart Rentals

  • Access to HACCP-ready production facility at the BC Regional Food Hub

However, this collaboration goes even further in building connections and efficiencies for entrepreneurs looking to be the next top local food brand. With catering trailblazer Susan Mendelson from The Lazy Gourmet, and shared-use kitchen pioneer Sarb Mund from Commissary Connect, this new model will offer unprecedented mentorship and expertise. Working closely with food entrepreneurs, Susan and Sarb will guide, advise and potentially invest in the next generation of amazing food innovators. The team from The Lazy Gourmet is also excited about the possibility of incorporating local products into their catering menus, events and dinners. 

Applications are currently being accepted to work at The Commissary Gourmet. Successful applicants will be able to move into the facility mid-November 2020.

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Monday – Friday
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1605 W 5th
Vancouver, BC